Daniel Cotton

March 2015

Age: 18

I was recently tasked with designing and developing a website, logo and leaflets for Capella Academy of Dance. The culture of Capella is to provide a fun, friendly but disciplined environment in which pupils can thrive. Capella focuses on providing opportunities for pupils to achieve personal skills development and further their abilities. Their mission statement on their website highlights this:

Our aim is to push students and encourage them to thrive in a fun and friendly, but disciplined environment, where each child is considered and respected as an individual.

In designing the website, I had to ensure that the fun and friendliness of the teaching was conveyed clearly, whilst highlighting the elegance of Dance and ensuring the professional quality of the teaching was clear. In order to achieve this, I envisioned a focus on a sophisticated, simple design but with an injection of fun and colour, through the use of images and accent colours.

Mobile is always important, however ensuring a great mobile user experience should not come at the cost of the website's desktop users. In order to achieve this I ensured that from the start, the website was fully responsive and that all design elements and decisions were influenced by their effects on mobile and desktop aesthetics and usability.

I believe that the resultant site stresses both the elegance and fun of learning dance. Please take a look for yourself at the following link: http://www.capellaacademy.co.uk