Daniel Cotton

January 2015

Age: 17

Checkout - Shopping Synchronised

After (quite a while) of on and off work on this project, I finally released my new take on shopping list apps for Android devices, Checkout.

What is it?

Checkout is Shopping,* Synchronised*. It's a new service for groups of people, allowing anyone with a computer or smartphone to create and manage a combined digital shopping list within their group, making life and shopping easy. Anything from organising the weekly shop for your household, to creating a shopping list of required materials for a group construction project, Checkout helps you organise as a group.

I have had this idea for quite a while and whilst you can through other services share lists, none have the clear focus on removing the clutter and mess from organizing shopping and therefore do not have some of the unique features of the app.

So, what's the killer feature?

Going Shopping?

Checkout also features a 'Going Shopping' button, this revolutionary feature allows you to simply tap to alert everyone in your group lists that you are going shopping, giving them a last chance to add items to your shopping list! Helping to make sure nothing is missed.

Please give it a try and see what you think? Both paid and free versions available, both have same feature set.

Links available at http://checkout.daniel-cotton.co.uk

-IOS and Desktop versions soon!