Daniel Cotton

August 2011

Age: 14

Massey Ferguson JFC Tournament App

In 2010 I identified a problem with Junior sports tournaments. Usually, results are displayed on a central whiteboard with manual calculations, which causes difficulty in quickly finding the information you need and manual calculations increase the likelihood of inaccuracies. So, I created an excel and powerpoint based score centre, that those who attended the tournament could easily use to view accurate results.

I proposed this solution to the junior football team that my younger Brother played for, Massey Ferguson Junior FC and following this implemented it at their 2010 tournament.

For 2011/12, I wanted to further improve this and at the same time, I was informed about the upcoming BCS Challenge IT competition in Coventry. I thought that the ideal next step in my mission to use technology to solve the problem of finding live results at a junior sports tournament would be to move to mobile apps. This coincided with the Challenge IT competition so I developed the app for both Android & iOS.

The app was trialled at the tournament and following this I attended the Coventry BCS Challenge IT competition. The day consisted of me pitching my app to, and answering tough questions from industry professionals, including representitives from businesses including Capgemini, IBM and many more. The hard work paid off though, when my Score Centre app placed 1st.